Harald Klingelhöller
Schneefall erzählt (Snowfall retold)

02.09. – 11.12.2022
Curated by Dieter Schwarz


Harald Klingelhöller’s sculptures are both verbal and material in nature. Klingelhöller creates various versions of a title, not an unequivocal representation. Title and sculpture are connected in tangible ways: the lengths of the words correspond to the measurements of the drawers in a cabinet or the size of star shapes; there are shadows cast by the sculptures, or the beats of a sonagram, capturing a spoken sentence.
The title In the Dreamer’s Dream the Dreamed Wake (chain) evokes the realm of dreams. Two versions are on show – a linked aluminium chain, which compartmentalizes the space, and a second of copper components laid out in a star arrangement on the floor.
There are referential pairs everywhere – mediating between the material weight of the stars and the immaterial distance evoked by their title, between the sculptures and their shadows transformed into sheets of metal and between black and white – light and dark.
Instead of providing a definitive solution, Klingelhöller creates possibilities, models in the scale of 1:1. The sculpture is not a fixed welded bolted or glued object, but rather consists of individual elements that are loosely interlinked. The shadow versions are kept in boxes made of black metal sheet; their weight keeps the walls of the boxes from falling apart. In the hovering versions the pieces complement each other, thus achieving a state of suspension.
As the title suggests, the exhibition can be read as a narrative with no beginning nor end, which unfolds around the elliptical shape of the Skulpturenhalle. It starts in the rotunda with the theme of evening and dream, and moves on to the question of life and death, followed by loss of the object, while the shadow versions mark a return to the spaces of the dream.


Dieter Schwarz